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The big news obviously is the upcoming release of Battlefield 4. This is going to be a serious contender for FPS supremecy. All the consoles plus the PC gaming scene will make this a best seller in the franchise so far. In case you buy it for the Xbox 360 or PS3, be assured that you can get a cheap $10 update to the Xbox One or PS4 version plus you can bring along all your stats and goodies with that upgrade. Nothing to fear.

There has been a recent leak for BF4 maps which should get you even more exicted about the new game. Here is a list of the new maps: Siege of Shanghai, Paracel Storm, Operation Locker, Damage, Flooded, Abandoned, Golmud Railway, Resort, Tremors, and Dish. Understand that most of those names are not the "real" names of the maps. Apparently 6 out of the 10 are just internal names being used by EA. Here is a collection of screenshots of these new maps. Looks good to us!


We all are awaiting the latest installment of the Battlefield series. Little by little more and more BF Heroes news is trickling in. BF Heroes at first glance seems like a child's game, but I think we are in for much much more. It's experimental as a free game, that's for sure!

I am going to take this Battlefield video game website in a great direction soon. I will feature BF cheats galore. I'm not interested in cheats that help you win in multiplayer, but the kind of game cheats that enhance your purchase. Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers know about cheats. Most video games today cost a lot of money. What is the point of a game cheat? You can milk more gameplay out of your purchase! I think video game developers put a lot of money into games, so there are lots of hidden treasures. Cheats are to be ashamed of. You just use cheats so you can enjoy your video games more. So, the bottom line is, with BF heroes coming soon, expect the full BF heroes cheats and glitches. Xbox 360 and P3 gamers I haven't forgotten you! Expect BF Bad Company cheats also. Cheat to enjoy a game more, not to cheat and win online because of cheating.

battlefield heroes cheatsA very unusual approach for this video game release. I think at the very least, there is going to be a massive online multiplayer presence. I'm glad in a way that it's not trying to be the next Battlefield on PC. BF Heroes is a Battlefield game, but please bring us a shooter simulation when it's time for Battlefield 3. Please throw in widescreen support EA?

bf herosI hope you use the resources that I've assembled for the classic Battlefield games. It's hard to compare the PC BF experience to the Xbox 360 or PS3 games, but forget the arguments. Mouse and keyboard rules in shooters!

While we await Battlefiled Heros cheats and tips, please enjoy the news updates on all your other favorite BF games! This home page will focus on BF Heroes news as that is the most active game right now.


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Let be your first choice when looking for the most updated and current Battlefield Heros news and video game previews. Whether it's Xbox 360 games, PS3 battlefield games or PC video game news, we have BF covered guaranteed! I will be adding BF Heroes tips and tricks as the game is released. As a video game resource, my goal is also to help you learn to play better. Battlefield Heros cheats will be added the moment the game is released!


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You will likely agree Battlefield is the best PC FPS video game series out there. Revolutionary in fact if you think about it. Few games or series deserve to last forever, but EA Battlefield is one of those that does. Battlefield Forever baby! To everyone, good luck and god speed!


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