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EA BF2 news? Well it's a great game still. I have a good amount of EA Battlefield 2 tips tricks and guides listed here. Hope those help you frag like a pro!

Check out the tips and tricks on this fantastic EA BF2 tips website here. These guys has amazing content and you should improve your fragging quickly. Spend some time there and I guarantee your game will improve.

Important updates will be posted here, but for the most part all things Battlefield 2 have been annouced already. I will have a Battlefield 2 news feed on this page in the next week or two. I hope you enjoy the faqs and game guides that will improve your fragging. I want this to play a good source of EA BF2 tips and tricks for you.


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battlefield sniperJuxtaposition was kind enough to allow us to host his amazing BF2 sniper game guide! This is a must read and you will play better. Personally, I need all the help I can get! Win more with this Battlefield sniper guide.




bf2 guide helicopters linkAnphrax was kind enough to allow this site to host his EA BF2 gameguide on flying helicopters. It's a must read! Being in the air has its advantages!




battlefield 2 guide prima

Prima has released a few teaser pages for us to drool over. You can check out Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, and to a lesser extent, Dalian Plant.


bf2 demoGrab the BF2 demo now! Grab it and see how your PC can handle it. Get your calculator and add up the upgrades you will need. The good news is there is no better reason to upgrade your computer. Of course the requirements are easier to meet with technology in 2008. Max out every BF2 setting and enjoy!






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