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Rack up your kill count by using Battlefield ii helicopters. Learn how in this guide!

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Battlefield ii
How to fly helicopters : tips and tricks

- Learn to fly from one of the best -
Written by Anphrax


Anphrax created this guide so that you can learn the art of flying helicopters in Battlefield ii. And now a message from the author...


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introduction - what is this Battlefield ii guide all about?

I wrote this tutorial because a lot of people are having troubles flying both the choppers in Battlefield ii. It seems to me that most people dont understand how basic it really is and how much fun it can be! Lets get started...

baTTLEFIELD II: How to take off

This is my favorite part about battlefield ii, the fact that the helicopters are so much fun to fly expecially when you know how to fly them. There are two ways to fly the helicopters: with the keyboard & mouse or with a joystick, I perfer to use the keyboard and mouse. The trick is to hold the forward key (w in most cases) until it starts "hovering" slightly off the ground, this lets you know that the propellers are up to speed... After this starts to happen it should be easier to take off, slowly push the mouse forward and let the chopper tilt forward (this both helps you take off and increases your speed once you are in air).
The helicopter should start to go forward and up at the same time.

Battlefield ii: THE BASICS OF FLYING

Once you have taken off from your starting point you want to get a basic feeling of what direction. As you rise up after taking off you should push the mouse forward so that the helicopter tilts forward increasing the speed. As long as you dont move the mouse and you hold the forward key on your keyboard you should continue to go straight. Once you reach the speed you desire you might want to turn. Turning is as easy as moving the mouse to the right or left and pressing either the d(left) or a(right) keys. The most important part about turning is pressing the keys on the keyboard, moving the mouse to the right or to the left just increases the speed at wich you turn.


While your flying in you helicopter chances are someone somewhere will want to shoot you down, avoiding this can be tricky. If someone locks onto you a red warning symbol will pop
up and blare out a loud noise, this is very usefull! The easiest way to dodge a shot from a missle is to turn very sharply and drive down towards the ground, allthough tricky this can help you stay flying... Sometimes however this doesnt work and you might get shot down. Most of the time 2-3 direct hits are required to blow up a helicopter but only about 2 to take it down to LOW health. Once you have been hit twice you will probly get hit again so its time to bail out! Press the enter/exit key on your keyboard and you will jump out of your air- craft, press your #9 key a couple of times until the parachute icon pops up. Avoiding water and other things is easy, just use the strafe keys (a and d) to move right and left!


One of the easiest and useful things about flying a helicopter is "hovering". This is because you can hover around, above or close to a target while your gunner clears the area. A lot of times it is the easiest way to clear an objective. Allthough it is very dangerous this is a technique to be mastered!


This is the best skill to get good at, unless you feel like bailing out and getting shot. Most of the time it is difficult and dangerous but can be very rewarding. As you approach your destination you want to hold the back key (s) and let go of the forward key, this will bring you closer to the ground. Move around trees and buildings using your Dodging and basic flying skills to do this. It is allways a good idea to find a nice flat, wide open area to land in. After landing you have 2 new possibilites: 1) Complete your objective and take off towards your next objective or 2) Pick up other soldiers and take them to near by targets, either one works well. Once you have cleared most or all of your objectives its time to report back to base.


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