Objects version Hacked By - MultiplayerX
Weapons 2/3/4 player version Hacked By - zoinkity
Emulator Tested - Yes
Console Tested - Yes
Players - 2 (see alternate code at bottom for zoinkity's 3/4 player version)
Level Load - Automatic



"Frigate Pt 1" .off
8002A8F7 001A
8103754E 59D0
81063BF0 8009
81063BF2 E360
D102B522 0002
81063BF2 3860
D102B522 0003
81063BF2 0DE0
D102B522 0004
81063BF0 8008
801F4653 0030
81075D1C 801F
81075D1E 2B50
80079C6B 0005
8102A932 0000
811F1A68 C474
811F1A70 4382
811F1A90 801D
811F1A92 2604
811F1A94 C198
811F1A9C 4506
811F1ABC 801D
811F1ABE 4824
811F1AC0 3EE0
811F1AC8 C56E
811F1AE8 801D
811F1AEA 8A94
811F1AEC BC86
811F1AF4 C58E
811F1B14 801D
811F1B16 60E4
811F1B18 C1E6
811F1B20 C5FD
811F1B40 801D
811F1B42 6DC4
811F2B58 0200
801F2B5B 0028
811F2B5C 011B
801F2B61 0003
801F2B62 0001
811F24B8 C239
811F24C0 C5C2
811F24E0 801D
811F24E2 68F4
811F24D2 B0EA
811F24D8 2C46
811F24DA 4106
811F2C68 0100
801F2C6B 0003
811F2C6C 0121
801F2C72 0001
801F2C76 0040
811F1D28 4317
811F1D30 C5A0
811F1D50 801D
811F1D52 94E4
811F2D78 0100
801F2D7B 0003
811F2D7C 0121
801F2D82 0001
801F2D86 0040
"Frigate Pt 2" .off
811F1D54 C38D
811F1D5C C5A4
811F1D7C 801D
811F1D7E 9364
811F2EE0 0200
801F2EE3 0028
811F2EE4 011C
801F2EEA 0001
801F2EEE 0040
811F1CA4 C176
811F1CCC 801D
811F1CCE 6D84
811F301C 0075
801F301F 0028
811F3020 0123
801F3026 0001
801F302A 0040
811F2040 C399
811F2048 4453
811F2068 801D
811F206A 4744
811F3158 0075
801F315B 0028
811F315C 0123
801F3162 0001
801F3166 0040
811F1DAC 43A8
811F1DB4 4469
811F1DD4 801D
811F1DD6 4744
811F32C0 0100
801F32C3 0003
811F32C4 011E
801F32C9 0003
801F32CA 0001
811F1CD0 C19E
811F1CD8 44C7
811F1CF8 801D
811F1CFA 4784
50000C80 0000
811F4050 0100
50000C80 0000
801F4053 0003
50000C80 0000
811F4054 0019
50000C80 0001
811F4056 0025
50000C80 0000
811F405A 0101
811F20C4 C3EB
811F20CC C2DB
811F20EC 801E
811F20EE 10D4
811F20F0 C3AE
811F20F8 C2AD
811F2118 801E
811F211A 10D4
"Frigate Pt 3" .off
811F211C C363
811F2124 C280
811F2144 801E
811F2146 1074
811F2148 C2DD
811F2150 C24B
811F2170 801E
811F2172 1074
811F2174 42B7
811F217C C3E6
811F219C 801E
811F219E 0FD4
811F21A0 42E3
811F21A8 C246
811F21C8 801E
811F21CA 0F34
811F21CC 436E
811F21D4 C2A2
811F21F4 801E
811F21F6 0F34
811F21F8 43B0
811F2200 C2A8
811F2220 801E
811F2222 0ED4
811F2224 43EC
811F222C C2BE
811F224C 801E
811F224E 0ED4
811F2250 434B
811F2258 C514
811F2278 801D
811F227A F874
811F227C C2AF
811F2284 C512
811F22A4 801D
811F22A6 F924
811F22A8 C3A3
811F22B0 C512
811F22D0 801D
811F22D2 F924
"Frigate Pt 4" .off
811F1B44 C2F3
811F1B4C C38F
811F1B6C 801E
811F1B6E 1034
801F2CF5 00CA
801F2D70 0020
811F1B70 4173
811F1B78 4468
811F1B98 801D
811F1B9A 4744
811F30D0 0200
801F30D5 00B9
801F3150 0018
811F34B0 0200
801F34B5 00D3
801F3530 0019
811F1B9C 43ED
811F1BA4 C5ED
811F1BC4 801D
811F1BC6 6D84
81044DD4 1030
81044DD6 6001
81044DD8 453B
81044DDA 8000
81044DE0 4366
81044DE4 4366
81044DE8 4366
81044DEC 0100
81044DF0 C316
81044DF4 0002
81044DF8 437F
81044DFC 437F
81044E00 4316

The following code works with 3/4 players.
More weapons, no objects

"Frigate 2/3/4P Pt 1" .off
8102A932 0000
8102A93A 0000
8102A92E 0000
8102A92D 0000
811DDDE4 0085
811DDDE8 FB93
811DDDFA 1717
811DDE04 0085
811DDE08 FB93
811DDEB4 0085
811DDEB8 FB93
811DDEBA 173B
811DDCB2 173F
811DDDCA 1758
811DDDB4 0081
811DDDB2 1707
811DDE6C 0081
811DDE72 172F
811DDC32 1737
811DDD6A 174F
81063BF0 8009
81063BF2 E360
D002B523 0002
81063BF2 3860
D002B523 0003
81063BF2 0DE0
D002B523 0004
81063BF0 8008
811D46CA 0000
811D0CC8 00B3
811D0CE0 00B3
811D0CE4 00C2
810450F2 00C8
8104514E 012C
81044FDE 0190
80044DEC 0001
"Frigate 2/3/4P Pt 2" .off
811F1A68 C1C7
811F1A70 4418
811F1A90 801D
811F1A92 4694
811F1A94 43CA
811F1A9C C5A5
811F1ABC 801D
811F1ABE 9464
811F1AEC 439A
811F1AF4 C559
811F1B14 801D
811F1B16 FA64
811F1B18 C332
811F1B20 C50B
811F1B40 801E
811F1B42 0274
811F1B44 C1B2
811F1B4C C5A9
811F1B6C 801D
811F1B6E 6334
811F1B70 C416
811F1B78 C520
811F1B98 801D
811F1B9A C6EC
811F1B9C 409E
811F1BA4 C528
811F1BC4 801D
811F1BC6 D6DC
811F1AC0 43B8
811F1AC8 C58B
811F1AE8 801D
811F1AEA 8614
811F2174 42C5
811F217C C510
811F219C 801D
811F219E CCCC
811F1BC8 42F4
811F1BD0 C502
811F1BF0 801D
811F1BF4 42DE
811F1BFC C51A
811F1C1C 801D
8103754E 5918
8002A8F7 001A
811F1A8C 0000
811F1A8E 0000
"Frigate 2/3/4P Pt 3" .off
811F1E30 C210
811F1E38 C3A3
811F1E58 801E
811F1E5A 1034
811F1FBC 4354
811F1FC4 C3B4
811F1FE4 801E
811F1FE6 0FB4
811F1FE8 C351
811F1FF0 C3AF
811F2010 801E
811F2012 1094
811F1E5C C37A
811F1E64 C59D
811F1E84 801D
811F1E86 8D14
811F227C C23F
811F2284 C5A3
811F22A4 801D
811F22A6 6DE4
811F1F90 C3CB
811F1F98 C5A3
811F1FB8 801D
811F1FBA 8D74
811F1C20 C125
811F1C28 C5C1
811F1C48 801D
811F1C4A 68F4
811F20F0 C396
811F20F8 C5CC
811F2118 801D
811F211A 6924
811F211C 4369
811F2124 C5CA
811F2144 801D
811F2146 6924
811F1CD0 41AE
811F1CD8 C54B
811F1CF8 801D
811F1F0C 4371
811F1F14 C557
811F1F34 801D
811F1F36 FA64
811F1F38 437A
811F1F40 C53F
811F1F60 801D
811F1F62 FA44
"Frigate 2/3/4P Pt 4" .off
811F1D54 C250
811F1D5C C587
811F1D7C 801D
811F1D7E 6294
811F21CC 4324
811F21D4 C588
811F21F4 801D
811F21F6 6294
811F2224 C352
811F222C C588
811F224C 801D
811F224E 6294
811F1EE0 C354
811F1EE8 C538
811F1F08 801D
811F1F0A D8FC
811F1EB4 C345
811F1EBC C51B
811F1EDC 801D
811F1EDE D984
811F21A0 437A
811F21A8 C538
811F21C8 801D
811F21CA D594
811F2014 4283
811F201C 4485
811F203C 801D
811F203E 4744
811F2040 43A7
811F2048 4482
811F2068 801D
811F206A 4764
811F206C C393
811F2074 4485
811F2094 801D
811F2096 4744
811F1CFC C308
811F1D04 C58B
811F1D24 801D
811F1D26 9924
811F1D80 4390
811F1D88 C58C
811F1DA8 801D
811F1DAA 7F24
811F1E04 442D
811F1E0C C316
811F1E2C 801D
811F1E2E 36AC